It’s well past 3am, It’s raining, and I can’t sleep. So I’ve rolled a cig and I’m gonna sit under cover outside and listen to this while I watch the rain and smoke.

Ah! Would ‘twere with so many, a gentle girl and boy!
But were there ever any, writhed not of passed joy?
The feel of not to feel it,
When there are none to heal it,
Nor numbed sense to steal it,
Was never said in rhyme

Right now I feel it, and I’ve no one to heal it, and so I’ll make sure my senses stay suitably numbed into catharsis until such time as I feel better or, god forbid, I find someone.

A whole bunch of overdue purchases plus one new venture. Reviews may follow but I’m v busy…

I just bought this for me and I’m happy 

I just bought this for me and I’m happy 


I had a conversation with my Mum about how much we love Poly Styrene, we’ve literally never been so close.

I’m writing a cover of this little track at the minute. I think this might be my favourite track on this album because the lyrics are so sweet and naive, even for Daniel Johnston, but musically it’s a bit odd. I’ve not really written anything in ages so we’ll see how this goes…

(Source: Spotify)

I think this is the first time The Smiths have been out of my top 10 since I got last fm. big day

The wether being how it’s been here, I’ve been thinking about what album(s) is going to remind me of this summer. It could be that this summer is an uneventful and hardly memorable affair, but should it be good, or even better, I’d like the soundtrack to be summery. One that would lend itself to mental montages of fun moments.

Memorable examples from summers past include:
Summer 2008 or 07. A full month in the south of Spain, hours of football with my family, and even more hours of Pokemon, all accompanied by the new purchase ofBossanova by Pixies.
Summer 2006. My first summer with a guitar. A week or so after school ended, I’d been noodling through Chuck Berry and Nirvana tracks up till this point, My dad gets back early from work, rumbles upstairs and knocks on my door. He comes in with a big grin on his face and hands me Hendrix’s Smash Hits. Cue hours of lying on my bedroom floor listening to it on repeat, followed by half hour intervals of trying to learn various tracks at painfully reduced tempo.
Finally, last Summer:
Really good summer, moved with my Ma to a much preferable part of London. Spent 3 weeks in the states, Anaheim to Chicago then Orlando. Barbecues with my Sister. Barbecues with my Brother. Barbecues with my friends. Got very drunk very often with one of my favourite people (you know who you are). I even got a tattoo. All instantly brought to mind by Hatful Of Hollow.

Hopefully this year will be something a bit more upbeat. I have a feeling it might be an R.E.M album, but it’s early doors yet.


I’m 20 now, here’s highlights of my music development starting as far back as I can be sure of

1-11 played the Piano, Violin, Trumpet, Fife, and the god damn recorder. New I liked Queen and Nirvana. Fav track, “Lithium” Nirvana.

12 Ma bought me a guitar, I fell in love, discovered Hendrix, The Pixies and realised the joy of Led Zeppelin. (All in part thanks to watching the movie Wayne’s World all the time) Fav track, “The Stars That Play With Laughing Sam’s Dice” Jimi Hendrix.

13 Pilfered the family CD collection, serious love for Bob Marley results, as well as discovery of the Shins and other such guilty pleasures. Fav Track, “She’s Gone” Bob Marley

14 Music REALLY takes hold of my life. Discover Black Flag, The Stooges, Sonic Youth and many many many more. Begin to consolidate the gaps in my library like Kate Bush etc. Fav track, “Shadow Of A Doubt” Sonic Youth.

15 Become aware of The Velvet Underground, start to realise that however much I read, however many documentaries I watch, I’ll always just be scratching the surface. Complete my Sonic Youth back catalogue. Discover Kimya Dawson. Come up with the phrase “You can ALWAYS judge a band by their covers”. Fav track, “Pale Blue Eyes” Velvet Underground.

16 DISCOVER BIG BLACK. BEGIN TO CONSOLIDATE THE GAPS IN MY SMITHS COLLECTION. FALL FOREVER IN LOVE WITH STEVE ALBINI AND MORRISSEY. Promptly realise Morrissey is a miserable arse but still listen to The Smiths always and forever. Fav track, “Tiny, King Of The Jews” Big Black (Fuck Morrissey)

17 Horizon broadening slows down, but continue to find more niche punk bands and fill in the gaps. Discover a significant love for early hip hop but mainly watch music documentaries and focus on improving my guitar skills. Fav track, “Reminders Of Then” Kimya Dawson.

18 Finish school, enjoy a summer of casual musical discovery, see the Pixies in LDN for my Birthday, start at university. Find countless bands, far too many to mention, a lot of them terrible, most importantly realise there’s more to Joy Division than Love WIll Tear Us Apart. Fav track, “Isolation” Joy Division.

19 BOOM. I find form in band discovery once more and gather up some fantastic albums. Realise that music is actually my favourite thing in the world, start turning my gaze further back than ever before and buy Elvis and Sinatra albums. Purchase more music than I have in the previous 3 years put together. Feature on a student radio show dedicated to niche music. Lose interest in my degree. Just about avoid being booted out. Tone it down a bit with the music but still get asked to run a 70’s and 80’s night next academic year. Accept said offer. Start revision for important exams and listen to The Cure, Cocteau Twins, Big Black & The Smiths non stop. Fav track, “Sugar Hiccup” Cocteau Twins

20 realise I’m not a teen anymore so angst just seems childish, decide to graduate full time to brooding instead. Look up the price of an X Ray Spex album online and realise I’ve too little money to justify it. Fav track, “Heaven Knows I’m Miserable Now” The Smiths. (It just came on, no jokes)

Burning Down The House

There’s a club if you’d like to go, you could meet somebody who really loves you. So you go, but the music’s great, and the dancing’s great, and you go home and you smile and you go to bed.

In oxford there is 1 such club, and every other wednesday there’s an 80s night. This night is called Burning Down The House, and I love it. I love it so much, that the girls and guys who run it noticed. I love it SO MUCH, that they’ve asked me to help run it next year when some of them are graduating or taking a year abroad. They all share the various duties (as will I) including DJ-ing, Promoting, and collecting cash on the door. There’s 5 people running it now, it takes 1 person to do either of the jobs on the night, leaving 3 to dance about or chat when they’re not on duty. In other words, for one wednesday night every 2 weeks, they’re living the dream. And next year, thanks solely to my undying enthusiasm for 80s music, I too get to live the dream. I’m over the moon.

I’ll leave you with the first track I requested from BDTH, a request that they obliged, and have played every time without fail since. Yay.